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Minimizing wind and water damage to your home

39183857 - business man protects himself from rocks with umbrella over greyYour homeowner’s insurance policy offers important protection against damages to your home. You can’t always predict when wind/water damages are going to occur or what may cause them. Here are some examples of wind/water home issues and things you can do to minimize the damage.

Wind damage

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot you can do to prevent wind from catastrophic weather events, such as hurricanes. If you’ve ever lived through a hurricane, you know what a destructive force it is, and the problems that can result include uprooted trees, roof damage, broken class and other structural damage. While you can’t eliminate the risk of wind damage to your home altogether, you can be proactive with preventive measures such as securing roof shingles, anchoring down any potential projectile objects, covering your windows and doors, fastening down metal siding, and removing any trees that could potentially fall during a storm.

Water damage

Water damage to your home can occur because of a weather event that produces excess rain or from a non-weather related reason such as faulty plumbing. One important precaution homeowners can take is to know where all of the water sources are in your home and how to check for leaks. You should also know where the main water valve is located to quickly turn off the water when needed. For weather-related water damage, make sure your roof is in top condition to prevent leaks. You should also remove any snow before it can accumulate and cause roof damage. Keeping your pipes wrapped will prevent them from freezing.

Don’t let wind or water damage to your home take you by surprise. We can review your home insurance and make sure you have the most comprehensive homeowner’s coverage available.