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How to Choose the Right Car Insurance

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

how to choose auto insurance

Congrats, you finally got a car! Before you can ride around stress-free in your new vehicle, it’s important that you find the correct insurance for your situation. Whether it’s your first car, or if you’ve been driving for years, car insurance can be confusing and your options can change based on where you are in your life. The good news is that our team at Independent Insurance Associates is here to help you navigate the complicated world of car insurance so that you feel safe on the road.

What is car insurance?

Let’s start with the basics, just in case. Not only do you legally need to have car insurance to be driving (requirements vary by state), but not having car insurance could lead to you having to pay massive amounts out-of-pocket for damage to your car or yourself. Simply put, if you are in an accident, your insurance company will pay to repair any damage to your vehicle that resulted from the incident. The same goes for bodily injuries.

What Types of Car Insurance are There?

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance is required in most states and drivers are required to purchase the minimum required coverage. That coverage includes bodily injury liability which will help pay for the other driver’s injuries if you cause an accident and property damage liability which covers damage you cause to another person’s property while driving.

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance is typically optional but if you do not own your own, your lender may require you to have it. This type of insurance covers damages to your car resulting from an accident. It may help to repair or replace your car to its original condition. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage provides protection for your car if it’s damaged in an incident other than a car accident, such as vandalism, theft, or extreme weather. Coverage typically has a deductible, which is the amount you will have to pay out-of-pocket before your insurance kicks in. Similar to collision insurance, comprehensive is also typically optional. 

Medical Payments

Medical payments coverage may help pay for medical expenses resulting from an accident for yourself or passengers. This coverage is required in some states but optional in others.

Personal Injury

Similar to medical payment coverage, personal injury may help you pay for medical expenses resulting from an accident. Personal injury goes one step further and may also provide you coverage to pay for additional expenses resulting from your injuries, such as child care.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

The cost of car insurance (also known as your premium) varies based on the driver. It can range drastically between $120 to over $1,000. Wondering why there is such a wide range? Well, there are many factors that are taken into consideration when you receive a car insurance quote your age, type of car, driving record, credit score, and your state of residence. Not to worry though, our team is here to help you find not only the safest option but also the most cost-effective.  

How do I Get Discounts on Car Insurance?

There are various ways our team can help you find additional savings on your car insurance, the simplest being – drive safely! Typically the fewer accidents you’ve had, the lower your rate will be. Makes sense right? In addition, discounts may also be offered to drivers with good credit, higher education degrees, low annual mileage, or good grades for student drivers. Connect with our team today to see if you are eligible for any of these discounts and more.

What Next?

At Independent Insurance Associates, we are experts in setting up our clients with the insurance policies they need to feel safe and secure on the road all year round. We know first have how difficult navigating the car insurance world can be and our team of professionals are here to make sure you end up reliable auto insurance that keeps you and your vehicle safe and protected.

Learn more about our car insurance services here or contact us today to set up a call with one of our experts!