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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

“It’s not what you know but who you know” is an old adage that certainly applies when choosing your insurance agent. There are so many advantages to doing business with a local insurance agent. Having a personal relationship with a professional who knows your individual needs will help you navigate those difficult moments when having to make a claim. 

Here are five benefits of using a local insurance agent.

1. Personal Service

Many people start with an internet search for insurance information and make a call to some giant corporate agency. A warm body in a call center will ask standard questions and suggest insurance coverage that may not cover you adequately. The contrast between a generic search and a specific Google search makes all the difference in the customer service you receive. If you want to find a company in your area, you might want to use one of the following search phrases:

  • local car insurance agent near me
  • local homeowners insurance agent near me
  • local life insurance agent near me

When it comes to personal service, Independent Insurance Associates of Fort Mill, South Carolina, is committed to the local community and the people who live in the area. Our business understands the ins and outs of covering your home, car, and life. The opportunity to get to know you and discuss your particular insurance needs allows a local agent to customize the perfect policy. When you are in a crisis, nothing makes you feel better than reaching out to someone you know when making an insurance claim. 

2. Better Insurance Options

Working with a local insurance company with access to various large agencies is a great option. Independent Insurance Associates has partnered with several major companies to provide better coverage opportunities. Your insurance agent will find the perfect policy by understanding your unique requirements.

3. Best Prices

Everyone wants to save money on insurance. Most people are aware that the best way to do that is to bundle your various insurance policies. Working with only one resource limits your pricing options. Independent Insurance Associates offers selections from several major companies to ensure you have the best pricing to protect you and your loved ones.

4. One-Stop Insurance Shopping

Unlike other local agencies, Independent Insurance Associates is in partnership with a select group of major insurance providers. We have the option to bundle your policies across those companies if you have multiple insurance needs. Your home coverage could come from a different business than your car and life insurance, for example. We find ways to save you money no matter your insurance requirements. If you need to make a claim, call us directly, and we will take care of the details. 

independent insurance associates

5. Familiar Faces and Good Advice

Customer service and honest advice can be hard to come by these days. At Independent Insurance Associates, we love getting to know our clients. We stake our business reputation on giving you and your family the best possible advice for your individual insurance needs. By choosing a local insurance agent, you have the advantage of protections specific to your region. Our job is to know how the weather, state laws, and other challenges in our area will affect your life, home, business, and vehicles. We ensure you have coverage for accidents, or whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Our idea of success is developing personal relationships with our customers based on honesty and reliability. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss how working with a local insurance agent can help you. We will be happy to sit down to review your current or create a new set of insurance policies. After all, looking out for one another creates a great local community!